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  • ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL: We have many options for you to choose from when it comes to partnering with us, since one size does not fit all when it comes to growing your insurance agency.
  • CARRIER ACCESS: Gain access to carriers you need to have a successful independent agency. We also manage the carrier relationship and obligations so you can spend more time building your business.
  • OWNERSHIP: 100% ownership of the financial interest in your book and renewal income when you are a Branch Agency. This means you can sell your book, or leave with your book, anytime you choose.
  • HIGHER COMMISSIONS/HIGHER CLOSE RATIO: Receive access to top tier Insurance Companies that pay top tier commission rates. With multiple carriers to select from, you’ll have a much higher close-ratio.
  • CLIENT RENTENTION: Your client’s needs or rates may change, but with CBIG that doesn’t mean they have to change agencies. Client retention is over 90% with CBIG Agencies.
  • BONUS PARTICIPATION EARLY: Earn profit sharing participation 5-6 times faster than you could on your own.
  • NO ARBITRATRY REQUIREMENTS: No more arbitrary score cards or growth models. Your measurement of success is your own bank account.
  • MARKETING SYSTEMS: Gain access to marketing systems that truly work. Systems that will accelerate your agency growth.
  • ECONOMY OF SCALE: We negotiate contracts with vendors to provide you a cost-effective way to obtain the systems and tools your agency needs to be successful.

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What Makes Us Different

The insurance industry across the country is going through a lot of change and disruption, which in turn has had a negative effect on insurance agents and their clients. Chambers Bay Insurance Group is the solution to this disruption. Clients are better served when their agent has the proper support and tools they need. Having access to numerous products and a cutting-edge client management system, agents can truly serve and advocate for their clients. Clients no longer have to keep shopping for new insurance every year. They can be confident that no matter how their life or their insurance company might change, their agent can always be there to make sure they have the right product and price.